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stewart & james
s t e w a r t & j a m e s


This is the collaboration of a couple of kids ;) with what they thought was too much time on their hands.

Though the plates are getting fuller (no pun intended for those of you who get it) our interest in and dedication to creating unique picture frames has not wavered.

Using reclaimed materials we (literally!) scour from the scrap piles littering our husbands' sawmill, we locally produce handcrafted, one of a kind frames.  As always, we are looking for a new designs and resources in the every day to further our reach and enhance the impact the simple pleasure a captured memory can have.

Keep doing, making and being frame-worthy things - and don't forget to photograph along the way.

Kristen & Arre

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call: 229. 886. 7656
email: hello{at}stewartandjames{dot}com
visit: www.stewartandjames.blogspot.com
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